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Today, I’m so proud to be wearing this tank top featuring positivity by Le Motto for the #ActuallySheCan Campaign; the movement encourages self-acceptance and champions eliminating the negativity, so that aspirations can become realities.  The majority of the proceeds from the sale of the tank tops goes to the AcademyWomen.  I choose one of my favorites quotes “Less hesitation, more meditation”; a …


Salty and sweet dress

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Hey Gals! I hope you are enjoying your Spring time to the max! I’m so excited about the weather; it puts me in such a great mood 🙂 We finally got high temperatures and lots of sunshine at the East Coast!  I’m planning many activities including a beach destination little vacation.  I feel like I haven’t taken a vacation in …


Keep up don’t give up

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I had this look ready to be published a few days ago, but I was lacking out of words.  I have never felt so passive in my life, because I have always been changing, adapting or evolving; either traveling, living in a new country, learning something new, or anything that makes me feel alive.  I believe it’s in my adventurer soul (I’m a Sagittarius).  So, I …