Spring Deep Facial Cleansing

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A cleaned skin is the key to a healthy skin; therefore, a regular cleansing routine is important to remove all dead skin cells and impurities to keep the skin looking a feeling the best it can!  During the Winter Season, the skin is more vulnerable to get dry and have unpredictable issues, specially in the transition to Spring when we get those undesirable pimples, noticeable pores, and dry patches.  It does not look like a great start of the season, but we can improve our skin conditions with a skin care routine and the right products.

Recently, I went to my closest Walmart to incorporate a Remington Cleansing Brush to my cleansing routine.  This amazing tool is now a must-have at my beauty routine due to its ability to clean 10x better than manual cleansing.  One of the best features about this rechargeable brush is the shower-proof technology so I can easily add it to my daily routine and use it with my favorite cleanser or face wash.

I want to share my simply but powerful deep skin cleansing routine using my facial cleansing brush.  Due to my normal/combination skin, I use the cleansing brush every day and I get amazing results.  Always remember that a clean face is a happy face!

Fill a bowl with steaming hot water, add a few drops of vitamin C, and hold your face over it for a couple of minutes.  This process will open your pores for better cleansing results.  Then, damp  face with warm water.  Damp the brush with water and apply favorite face scrub because the facial brush not only cleanses but also exfoliates as well.  It’s important to do a deep cleansing once or twice a week depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Note: On my everyday routine, I put on face cleanser or face wash for a more gentle wash. 

Start cleaning with the cleansing brush in three sections: Forehead (1), Right side (2), Left side (3).  The cleansing brush has 3 speeds so it’s great for all skin types.  If you suffer from sensitive skin, select speed setting 1 for the firs few uses.

Finally, wash  face with cool water to remove the product and voila!  You can apply you favorite face mask if desired.

Have you ever use any skin cleansing tools? If you haven’t, you should because it makes such a big difference in your every day skin care routine and your skin will tell!


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