A healthy dog is a happy dog

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Today, Shiloh is making an appearance on the blog. You already know he is an important member of our family; therefore, we have many ways of showing our love for our pet. Keeping him active and healthy is one of our main concerns as dog owners. As a matter of fact, we have created an eating and exercising routine to keep him active and happy every day.  We all know that a healthy dog is a happy dog!

Shiloh is such a good eater and enjoys his meals very much.  Because we don’t have him on an eating schedule (food is available for him all the time), we try to keep him active as the key component to a healthy lifestyle.  Although he never wanted to use the wee-wee pads when he was a puppy, with a little persistence and encouragement, Shiloh became completely potty trained within one month. Now, he’s developed his own eating and drinking habits and is used to us taking him outside many times a day for his bathroom needs. This is a sample of what our walking and exercise routine looks like:

  1. Shiloh is really more like an ‘Early Bird’. He wakes us up first, making my husband and I take turns walking him before heading into work. Usually, the walks last between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on our time.
  2. Afternoon Walk or Jog. When we have to work from home, we are lucky enough to take him for a walk ourselves, usually in the middle of the day. We have been considering hiring a dog walker for Shiloh, but since I’ve been home a lot lately, Shiloh and I get to enjoy the walks together.
  3. Evening Family Stroll. This time of day is ideal to meet other people who have dogs in our community. It’s funny that we have met many other pet owners through our dog, and yet we only know the dog’s name. Remember to ask for the owner’s name too! 😉

When the weather permits, we take him for long walks to the park or the beach. This time, we went for a long walk as we usually do on Saturdays; also known as our ‘Saturday Fun Day!’. We always make sure to pack water and bring some food or treats so he stays hydrated and happy on the way. Shiloh doesn’t miss any opportunity to jump in the car for a fun ride to the closest PetSmart to get Purina® dog food. Purina has a wide variety of food, treats, and litter products for him.  I spoil him by only getting him his favorite products like Purina® Beneful® and Purina® Beggin’ (for treats). He completely devours his meals and knows he is spoiled (I mean look at his face!).

I stocked up with some treats of his favorite flavor and I got $ 10 off my $ 40 purchase. You can take advantage of this amazing deal and redeem your PetSmart gift here.

How do you take care of your dog? Do you have any fun activities to keep your dog active and happy?!


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