Five Faves Products Under $10

Hi guys!  Today, I’m going to show you my five faves products under $10.  Don’t you love when you buy something that is not only worthy, but it’s also affordable?  I do!  These are very random products, but I have already tried them out and they work for me.  I took a trip to my closest Ulta Beauty to purchase some of my favorite products. Some of them you probably already know, but if you don’t; then you should give them a try!


  • ‘CLARINS’ One-Step Exfoliating Cleanser (Travel Size) (Reg. $15, $7.50 on Sept. 21st) When it comes to gently deep-cleansing this product has it all. It cleanses, exfoliates, purifies and tones the skin all in one step! Isn’t that amazing? Especially after the summer time the skin needs extra care. As we all know a regular cleansing followed by daily Moisturizing is absolutely the key to halting the skin-aging.  I keep the product in my shower so I don’t forget to use it regularly. In one quick easy step, it gently exfoliates, and removes all impurities for a radiant, clean and healthy looking skin before putting your regular moisturizer. Psst! ULTA Beauty is having a ’21 Days of beauty sale’ Event starting from September 3-23. Find this product and score more amazing deals! *All beauty Steals available in all stores!             


  • ‘I’M REAL’ Mask Sheets ($3.75) Did you know I’m so obsessed with Face Masks? I found these cute and inexpensive ones, and I have been loving them since. I usually put them on after a long day at work (as seen on my insta stories) or just to relax on the weekends (Yea, I’m such an old lady).  They are also very fun to share with your friends at home, and they are available for every skin concern. Face Mask Party.


  • ‘NADS’ Facial Hair Removal Strips ($6.99) If you are hairy and tired of visits to the salon to have that unwanted facial hair removed, then you should try out these facial hair removal strips. I have tried many facial strips, and these are the ones that works for me. Just make sure to warm the strips in your hands before peeling apart, then press down when applying the strips BUT only pull medium fast when removing, so you don’t get your skin irritated. After doing these procedure, apply coconut oil all over the treated skin to soothe and smooth the area,  and VOILA, Baby face! It last for at least two applications.


  • ‘Maybelline’ Eye Studio lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner ($9.99) I always get questions about my eyeliner. One of the tricks to get the perfect cat-eye is the right eyeliner, tools…lots of practice and patience. This inexpensive gel eyeliner is very dark and goes so smooth on your eyelash area. I really like it doesn’t run or smudge. The little pot doesn’t dry and last all the way till the end (YAY!). If you are a starter it comes with a little decent brush. Just take your time drawing the lash line. Remember that practice and patience makes perfection.


  • ‘Maybelline’ Lash Sensational Mascara ($8.99) I’m a sucker for mascaras! Does anybody else agree that it’s the most important step on your makeup routine? Even if you are going for a natural look; the lashes have to be awesome! I’m always concern about volume, length, separation, and smudge-free. This mascara has it all! The amazing buildable coverage makes them look more voluminous, longer, defined and no smudges throughout the day. I have tried many mascaras from designer to drugstore and this is the winner!


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This is a sponsored post by Mavenxinc & Ulta Beauty. However, all opinions are my own.


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