Vegan Tacos

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Happy 5th of May! On this special occasion I want to share with you a taco recipe inspired in a typical taco dish from Yucatan, Mexico.  These delicious tacos made with nutritious and healthy ingredients are a good alternative to enjoy tacos in a healthier way.      

Dinner Celebration at Lakeside Grille & Bar FOOD 0 Comments

Special moments have to be celebrated, and we are so happy for the purchase of our first home in New Jersey.  For this special occasion, we went to the Lakeside Grille & Bar at Ramsey Golf & Country Club in Ramsey, New Jersey; such a cozy ambience that feels like home.  The family atmosphere and the surroundings were just perfect …

Citrus, Carrot and Ginger Juice

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This delicious juice recipe contains a variety of citrus, carrots, and ginger with an alphabet of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Oranges, like other citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C with amazing benefits for skin, hair, among others.  Learn more about the ingredients this juicy recipe has that will help you to promote health and beauty. Blog link-ups

“We Shop in Heels” Berry Smoothie

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Either you want to juice to detox (thanks to the holiday season) or to add healthy nutrients to your diet, which aids in weight loss. Don’t miss this Triple Berry Smoothie!  You want to find out one of the most powerful ingredients this triple berry smoothie contains as one of the essentials in a woman’s diet.         …